Do press-on nails fall off easily?

If you choose the correct way to wear it, it is generally not easy to fall off.

The nails can be fixed with adhesive tabs or nail glue.


Generally, many people think that adhesive tab is easy to fall off, but the real reason is that they were not able to properly use tools to stick them on.

Some people will directly tear off the adhesive tab with their hands, which will cause fingerprints to stick to the tabs, making them unnecessarily deform and easy to fall off. It is recommended to find the best fitting nail piece before you start peeling off the tab.


After you find the right piece, stick it on the corresponding nail, and then gently remove the upper layer of film, hold the press-on nail with a 45-degree angle along the finger edge.

Then, press it down repeatedly, you can't stick the tab directly on the nail, because there will be a lot of air bubbles in the gap, which will affect the subsequent wearing.

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