How long will the nail last?

Generally, if you choose nail glue to fix the nail, it can last for a week at least, some can even last up to a month or longer. The nails that are fixed with adhesive tabs can generally last from three days to a week.


Glue-fixed nails usually last longer as long as they are kept well and cared for. However, the size of the nail pieces cannot grow with the growth of the nails and will become loose after a period of time. At this time, it is recommended to remove the nails, which can be removed with a glue remover or a special nail remover. If the nail piece is still worn firmly after one month, it is best to remove the nail in time. If the nail has not been exposed to the air for a long time, it may cause the nail to turn yellow, darken, etc., and cause the nail to become brittle and soft.


Even if the nail fixed by adhesive tab is well preserved, it can last for about a week at the longest. It is not as strong as glue, but it can avoid many problems. For example, it is very convenient to remove, and no tools is needed. The nails after the nail pieces are removed do not need to be polished, which can reduce the damage to the nails.

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