What are adhesive tabs?

Adhesive tab is a new type of environmentally friendly gel, also known as addicted morphogel or animal glue.

This kind of gel is more environmentally friendly, and the materials are very natural.

The main ingredient of this gel is animal protein. Due to the simple ingredients, adhesive tabs are safe, non-toxic and harmless, and the ability to stick to things is relatively strong.

And it doesn't have the unpleasant smell of glue. It is mainly used on the packaging of gifts, albums, folders and other things. However, with the popularity of press-on nails, people want to pursue faster and more economical, time-saving manicure, so they start using adhesive tabs as an adhesive. It is neither harmful to the human body, nor does it cause pollution, and it is very easy to wear and remove.

It is convenient and quick without hurting the nails, so it is mostly used with press-on nails.

This kind of gel can play a great role in many aspects in life.

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