Can you reuse adhesive tabs?

No, adhesive tabs are not reusable.


After using the adhesive tab to stick the press-on nails, they will be attached to the back of the nail pieces.

The adhesive tabs can be removed by hand or with a small stick, but the tab itself

is elastic, it will deform during the tearing process, and

The viscosity of the adhesive tab at this time is very low and cannot be used again.

If you want to continue to stick the nails, you need to use new adhesive tabs. In a box of Psytone nails with 24 nail pieces, we double down on the number of adhesive tabs, which is 48 in a box, therefore, you can replace them at will. Do not remove the adhesive tab in advance, it is best to compare it with your hands. After locating the nail piece that best fit your size, gently remove the adhesive tab with a stick to take it off gently, it is best not to touch the tabs directly, because they are sticky by themselves. After being stained with fingerprints, it will greatly affect the viscosity. It is best to use other tools to aid the process, like the stick we provide.


In addition, after tearing the tab, use the end of the small stick with the beveled surface to remove the tab. Push the tab a little on the attached nail piece, to make sure that the adhesive is perfectly thin enough to maximize stickiness.

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