Do press-on nails look fake?

If you come across press-on nails that look fake, they must be inferior products that lack quality and taste. Maybe the nail piece is too large, too thick or that the adhesive tabs are too thick, making the nails look swollen and stupid.

When you choose press-on nails, you must first measure your own nail sizes first, and then choose the ones that match your nail size. Try not to choose nails that are too thick, if you buy press-on nails that are too large and thick, they will be very uncoordinated and unnatural after attachment.


In addition, when applying adhesive tab to the press-on nails, don't worry about putting them on instantly. First, we recommend you to repeatedly press the adhesive tabs with your fingertips or use the small stick in the material bag to scrub the adhesive tab to make them even thinner, minimizing the space between the nail piece and the tab, thus minimizing the gap between the nail pieces and your real nails. After you do all this, the final look will turn out to look very realistic like a gorgeous extension to your real nails.

Finally, don't be a cheapskate when buying press-on nails. Higher price usually get you higher quality and overall look.

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