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Does adhesive tab have formaldehyde?

No, because the main ingredient of adhesive tab is animal protein, which does not contain benzene or formaldehyde-based solvents, have no irritating odor, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. And because its ingredients are safe and simple, it can act directly on food and packaging. In addition, the products produced with adhesive tabs are not easy to deform, form squares or foam.


Later, because many people felt that traditional manicure was too troublesome, adhesive tabs became popular.

Press-on nail is a new type of manicure. It can give us many conveniences of manicure without having to go to the nail salon and spend hours doing manicures, just take the adhesive tab out and stick it on the nail, and then stick the nail piece on.

If the size is too big, you can take it off at any time and replace it with a new size.

The finished press-on nail look can also be used multiple times, and can be placed in a bag or in the pocket. When you want to wear it, take it out directly, and it will take you about 5 minutes to do a full press-on manicure.

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