The difference between adhesive tab and glue

Nail art has become a fashion trend, and many big-name female stars, fashionistas and internet celebrities like to do manicures, so manicures have become a trend.

It is a manifestation of fashion trends, thus leading more and more beauty-loving women to like it. Have fun with manicures. On the road of pursuing beauty, we are also pursuing convenience and speed, better ways to stick nails on, among which the best tools are adhesive tabs and glues, but the difference between them is quite distinct.


Adhesive tabs: fast and convenient, maintenance time is shorter, nails are reusable after taking them off. Adhesive tabs are most widely used on press-on nails. You can easily take them off, switch them around, pair and match the nails with adhesive tabs with ease. You don’t need to go to the salon and the nail pieces taken off are surprisingly reusable. However, the disadvantage is that nails that are fixed with adhesive tabs can usually only last about 3 days to a week.

Nail glue: more troublesome longer maintenance time but removed nail pieces cannot be reused. Most of the nail salons use nail glue when they are giving you a manicure or helping you put on press-on nails. They are longer lasting, usually within the period of a week to a month. The disadvantage is that it is harder to take off. If you don’t go to a nail artist or salon, and have no appropriate tools, you bear the risk of damaging your nails. Another disadvantage is that you cannot reuse the nails.

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