Self-Owned Factory

To restore those unforgettable looks as much as possible, and ensure high-quality products, we have built our own factory, yes, our own factory. And we have equipped PSYTONE with top-level production equipment to ensure that there are more ways to express the ideas and details of those runway designs.

At the same time, the independent factory can also enable us to have faster product renewal capabilities and higher inventory level, making sure that every consumer can obtain the latest and most stable products on time

Over the years, we have developed our own production line that supports high-level sophisticated printings for each of our design, delivering the highest manufacturing quality the industry can give in this era. Our machines cost millions of dollars to get the level of accuracy and intricacy our products require.

As you can see in our product pictures, the printing details on each nail is incredibly sophisticated. This ensures that our product quality dominates the top tier.